Visitors with reduced mobility - services for wheelchairs

The manor house and whole area of the manor house grounds are wheelchair accessible.

Range of accessibility of the monument

  • park area - accessible for wheelchair users on electric and mechanical wheelchairs

  • visitor tour routes - accessible unaccompanied, except for the gallery on the 1st floor of the Riding hall

  • Café Kozel - wheelchair accessible

  • toilets - wheelchair accessible toilet available

  • Upon request - the possibility to recharge electric wheelchair batteries


  • by car - parking in the internal car park, directly in the manor house grounds

  • by train - the journey is difficult - exit at the Šťáhlavy station - the station is not equipped with a platform for wheelchairs, however, trains with barrier-free access also run on the route. At the ČD website,, you can find out what kind of train will run at a given hour. From the Šťáhlavy station, an approximately 2 km long journey via Hraběcí Alley follows. The road surface is asphalt. There is a paved path around the pond.


  • location of a wheelchair friendly toilet - on the ground floor of the Servants’ Quarters building

  • the toilet is accessible only when the monument is open to the public, during the regular visiting hours

  • door width 135 cm, handle height 110 cm, door opening direction - outwards

  • the door remains open during visiting hours

  • possibility of manoeuvring the wheelchair in the hall is without restriction

  • the light switches on automatically here

  • the cubicle can be locked from the inside, but cannot be unlocked from the outside

  • there is no emergency signalling device

  • door - width 90 cm, handle height 103 cm, opening direction inwards, opens easily

  • the light switches on automatically here

  • manoeuvring space - width and depth of space - in front of the toilet bowl: men 125 cm, women 100 cm; to the sides of the toilet bowl: men 75 cm, 40 cm, women 110 cm, 30 cm; diagonally to the toilet bowl: men 80 cm, women 150 cm

  • toilet bowl seat height 40 cm

  • height of the upper edge of the washbasin 80 cm

  • sink depth and reach to the water taps and soap 40 cm

  • foot space under the sink - height 65 cm, the foot space is partially blocked by a drain pipe

  • handles

  • water taps - lever

Access roads

  • no escort is required when moving from the car park

  • the surfaces of access roads are paved in places, but most of them are gravel

  • width of roads 1.4 - 6 meters

  • the park is accessible without the help of an escort, but in its peripheral parts there is a sloping terrain

  • garden pavilions are also accessible

Manor house tours

  • please report to the ticket office

  • preferential entrance fees for holders of ZTP and ZTP/P cards (Czech disability card holders)

  • the entrances to the building are on a level surface

  • width of the main entrance 70 - 265 cm, the door is opened by a guide

  • the sightseeing route is located on the ground floor of the castle

  • raised doorway threshold - solved by adding ramps

  • entrances to individual rooms - double doors with a width of 120 cm, the door is opened by a guide

  • the spaces behind the door are unobstructed

  • 3 raised doorway thresholds - height approx. 5 cm

  • surface in the interior - carpet, does not prevent the free movement of wheelchairs